More For Jesus

Our hope is that, as your faith continues to grow, our area of activity among you will greatly expand, so that we can preach the gospel in the regions beyond you (2 Cor. 10:15b).

Dear Friends,

We are so very grateful for your love and support! Together we have been blessed to plant a church in North Wales called New Life Wales. We did it as one!

On behalf of MAKE Ministries (an acrostic standing for Mark and Kathy Edwards and for making disciples of Jesus), we thank you for being part of what God is doing in the US, the UK, and beyond. We thank you for your investment in that which lasts forever -- souls for Jesus Christ.

By God's grace we are doing it! There is no doubt in our mind that God has called us to be church planters. He has given us vision to share His love and make disciples of all nations. He has confirmed over and over that we are to produce lasting fruit. We along with missiologists believe church planting is the number one way to reach the lost and to make disciples for the Lord Jesus Christ. Together with your help we are fulfilling the vision God has given us. It is bearing fruit which will last forever. We do it together as one!

Now would you prayerfully consider going the distance with us? Would you prayerfully consider doing even more?

It has been an exciting six months for us in North Wales! By God's grace and with your help we've done it. New Life Wales is planted and ready for "take off."

Despite spiritual opposition, hard ground, division and hopelessness in North Wales, God formed New Life Wales! You have invested, prayed for us, and God has answered.

God has led us to baptize new believers in the Menai Strait. This young woman (18 years old) prayed to receive Christ, was baptized, discipled, and now wants to attend King's College, London, to study theology.

He is strengthening His people by the power of His Spirit.

He has set us in a wonderful venue, called the Mostyn Art Gallery in Llandudno.

We have rubbed shoulders with the lost and had numerous opportunities to share the saving love of Christ. Many listen at the door as we preach the gospel and worship on Sundays. Many have responded.

An avowed atheist came to the art gallery and Mark invited him to a service at New Life Wales. He later came. He is now in the Kingdom, attending and growing at New Life Wales.

An employee, far from the Lord for many years and wracked with condemnation and guilt, allowed Kathy to pray with her at the art gallery and agreed to meet us later for coffee. She said when we first walked into the art gallery to rent our space she knew her days of running from God were over! She is coming to New Life Wales this weekend on her first day off.

Wednesday evenings are amazing times of discipleship. We rented St. John's Methodist Fellowship Hall, Llandudno, where we gather to study the Bible, worship, pray, fellowship, lead people to Christ, and hold classes on church membership, spiritual gifts, growing stronger in the Lord, healing, and prophecy. Leaders are also being raised up. God is moving in North Wales!

Nearly every Friday evening we have gathered as a church for a BBQ or movie night to provide another "entry point" for the lost to come in and to be loved. People are beginning to bring neighbors, family and friends to these events and to New Life Wales. They are becoming bolder as they share the good news of Jesus in their everyday lives.

God has positioned us and we are preparing for explosive growth. As a result, we believe God is leading us to stay several weeks longer than originally planned to strengthen the church and continue to work with our leadership. Instead of returning to the US on October 27, we plan to stay until November 17. Because of Visa restrictions we cannot stay more than six months any way, and we will be home for the holidays.

We also believe it is God's wisdom to return to North Wales in mid-January to continue working with New Life Wales for two more months to insure she is healthy and strong. The estimated cost for us to return and strengthen the church is $2500 (or £2000) for airfare and $4500 (or £3600) for all living expenses, totaling $7000 (or £5600). Would you consider helping us as we establish a strong and lasting New Life Wales for the Lord's glory? We want to provide oversight for this wonderful work of the Lord and foresee returning twice a year as she continues to grow in Christ. 

What's Next

We are also believing the time is right to heed a clear call from God to plant a church in Washington, DC. While there are many churches in DC, God has always sent us to the lost, the hurting and the unimportant, and millions of people fit this description in DC. He often sends us to a people no one else wants to go to, such as when we went to the inner city of Raleigh, NC, to minister to the marginalized and plant a church there.

We have not forgotten a life-changing vision the Lord gave Mark as he was worshipping the Lord nearly five years ago. In the vision Mark and Jesus were riding horses together. The Lord took him in the Spirit to various places where we had ministered and started churches. The Lord faithfully fed and cared for Mark's horse throughout the journey, although in one place the horse almost died. Then God took Mark with Him on their horses way up in the air. Mark asked Jesus, "Am I dying?" The Lord turned him to see the world below. They were poised on their horses, Mark and the Lord. God showed him the US, as if on a globe, and the words "Washington, DC" appeared.

We have consistently prayed and asked the Lord for His timing to go to Washington, DC to plant a church. We believe the Lord is saying now is the time. The church in Raleigh is mature and doing well. Lord willing, when we come back to the US from Wales in mid-March, we will go to plant a church in DC. For this work we need prayer support and financial support of $3000/month (or £2400/month). Please, would you consider joining with us and supporting us as we bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the US's capital city?

As you may notice, we live and plant churches frugally. We have not included a facility rental charge for the DC church plant, but we are praying God will provide a perfect place that is very affordable. 

We live by faith, knowing where God guides, He provides. We know church planting and training folks does not provide job and income security, but we know it's what God wants for us. So far He has been faithful to provide and we believe He is always faithful.

Will you partner with us to plant churches? We believe there is no better way to see people saved and discipled than to plant churches. 

In summary, our budget is:
1. Return to Wales (2017) $7000 (£5600)
2. Washington, DC church plant (excluding facilities charge, if any) $3000/month (£2400/mo) $36,000/year (£30,000/yr) 

(Note: The British pound is based on exchange rates on October 7, 2016.) 

Please, let’s continue this partnership as one.  If you haven’t helped before, please prayerfully consider joining our team.  If you feel God’s leading, you may send your fully tax deductible offering to: 

Make Ministries
6325 Falls of Neuse Road, Suite 35-218 Raleigh, NC 27615 

If you prefer to contribute online by PayPal our account is:

In the UK, you may send your contribution payable to Mark and Kathy Edwards, 7 Haford Road, East Penrhyn Bay, Conwy, LL30 3NH. (Please note that UK contributions do not qualify for gift aid.)

Thank you for loving God and loving others. Thank you for co-laboring with us in Christ to see souls saved and discipled. Church planting is the number one way. We look forward to standing together and hearing the words of Jesus, "Well done, good and faithful servants!"

We love you and thank God for you,

Mark and Kathy Edwards